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About us

A good service implies complete service and is always about products, logistics and assemblies.

Seen isolated, each part is an easy task. But the practise, however, looks different. A project mostly consists of a big network of accomplishments with an accurately defined progression of delivery, interim storage and montage cycles.

The closely interwoven building lot is full of firms, developments, people and also several kinds of products. In this structure, even the smallest mistakes concerning the timetable, products or methods of operation, can cause immense problems such as rising costs, time expense and most of all the anger about these failures.

HLS Gebäudemanagement benefits positive in a double aspect.

First of all, we are familiar with accomplishing big projects, nationwide and internationally, along with external architects, schedulers and construction managers. They count on us and justifiably so! Secondly we make it easy for our businessmen, by offering first hand services and products and also offer complete contract works, which are coordinated by ourselves. And lastly we are experienced in taking over the control of smaller projects directly.

Repair Service:

You'll still be our client after the work has been done. We'll help you, especially in the case of an emergency good and fast.


You need help or have some questions concerning the arrangement of your bathroom? Or competent assessment is desirable? In this case our clients just give us call. Our knowledge for your success.



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